We Live, Breath, and Die Documentation

OKthat may not be 100% true, but MarketCom takes your documentation seriously. Poor documentation is very costly, resulting in lost sales, customer frustration, and wasted time in additional support needed to bridge gaps in the documentation. At MarketCom, we understand the importance of documentation to your and your customers' success.

Form and Function, not Form over Function

All too often, technical writers focus on style guides, formats, and layouts over content. Many cannot edit beyond style, grammar, and preset structure, becoming more of a technical publisher and style rule enforcer than a writer.

There is a big difference over knowing the proper placement and usage of en- and em-dashes versus understanding the details of the FPGA design flow, for example. For this reason, MarketCom fouses on having writers who approach the topics from the technical side, rather than from the arts. Our writers start with an engineering background and then learn the ins and outs of technical communication. Our writers were once users of the products or software they write about. In some cases, they can even act as the subject-matter experts (SME) essential to any documentation project, freeing up valuable internal resources.

Documentation from the Customer's Perspective

Many of our writers have direct customer experience, with backgrounds in sales, marketing, or as field application engineers (FAEs). This experience allows our writers to develop documentation from the users' perspective, anticipating their questions and identifying potential holes in the documentation. We can look at the document the same way a customer would, allowing us to correct technical content as well as grammatical and phrasing issues.

Industrial-Strength Documentation

We are true writers — often we are given just a brief abstract or presentation and then research and write the source (and then do formatting with tools such as FrameMaker and Illustrator). In addition, when reviewing documents such as user guides and application notes, we can actually use the software and hardware. Industrial-strength documentation requires industrial-strength technical writing.

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